This client’s law office is located in a small rural town in New Jersey with a population of just 8,500. Within 10 miles there are more than a dozen other communities that have more than twice the number of residents.

One mile further there is a larger city with 52,000 people.

The number of law firms in this densely populated area are staggering and calls were not coming in. The client was considering adding bankruptcy as a new practice area to expand business.


Our strategy for getting this law firm more visibility in search was simply to make technical improvements to the website that get it to the same quality as the firm’s competitors. To do this we made sure all pages were crawled by Google, fixed al on page errors, optimized meta tags so they made sense for each page, reviewed every piece of content to make sure it contributed towards goals, and finally updated linking both onsite and off.


What was done to getting this site to rise in search engines was simply to outperform the competition.  We made content pages better than everyone else. Plus we added external links that made sense to highlight the work. Along with fixing some onsite issues with an aging website we were able to show Google that our client’s website was a better resource for searchers than the competitor sites. Small boosts in the right area led to traffic gains and as many clients as our lawyer could handle.

the process

Most websites need regular cleanup to fix small issues. Here are the steps we followed:


A few images of our process…

results produced

Some impressive results for a small town lawyer in NJ!