The law firm’s office is situated in a wealthy community within a mid-sized town in Connecticut. With a population of about 30,000 residents, there should be enough business to keep them busy.

But many of the calls they were getting were for simple cases. Family law attorneys get paid by the hour so the more complex the legal matter is, the more they make.

Because the town is flush with rich folks, there are tons of lawyers in the area. Competition is tough.

This client wanted more high dollar cases. Their website was not ranking well and they wanted to do something about it.


To get more website traffic, you need to have the right content that your potential clients are seeking. A family law attorney without pages on alimony and support is leaving a large portion of searchers on the table. More importantly, Google sees this as incomplete information on the topic. When a competitor has the topic thoroughly covered, they are likely to provide the searcher with a better experience and will rank higher.


To fix this, we create an exhaustive list of all the subtopics that cover the main topic. Then continuously build out the website to become a comprehensive resource on the subject.

the process

Here is a quick overview how we solve the problem


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results produced

Visits to our client’s website increased nearly 36% and they landed a $100,000 retainer for a divorce case.